Marine Care introduces new innovation for shorter cleaning of vegoil cargoes

In her continuous search for cleaning optimization of tanks and holds, Marine Care recently developed a brand new technology on request of customers struggling with Palm Fatty Acid Distillates (PFAD’s).

Tanks contaminated with residues from PFAD type cargoes require a long cleaning protocol, mostly existing out of two separate cleaning phases. Unfortunately, it also frequently happens that PFAD’s react with seawater and traditional cleaners. This reaction is visible as sticky white residues that are very difficult to remove. Cleaning cycles of over 10 hours per tank are therefore no exception.

Marine Care’s R&D came up with a complex acidic cleaner that was able to perform an accelerated removal of PFAD, CPO, CPKO and Palm Stearin residues: Careclean Xcellerate VO. In lab tests the product proved to be 50% – 70% faster in cleaning performance. In practice, it was tested in several ships with a variety of cleaning system setups, all carrying many types of vegoil cargoes inclusding PFAD, CPO, and Palm Stearin.

During all tests it was proven that Careclean Xcellerate VO also in practice reduced the cleaning time with 30% to 50% compared to the traditional cleaning protocols and products. On top of that, in many cases the cleaning temperature could be decreased with 10 °C – 15 °C. This results in huge savings for operators coming from both the lower bunker costs and secondly the quicker turnaround of ships.

Careclean Xcellerate VO is approved by major coating manufacturers, can be used for hydrocarbon free cleaning and, of course, is IMO approved. The product is readily available in the main ports of Rotterdam and Singapore, but since April also in Algeciras, Dubai (Sharjah), Houston, Miami and Riga, Mumbai and Panama. Suez will follow soon.

Watch the lab video here:

PDS Careclean Xcellerate VO