Marine Care introduces new coating for gloss and color recovery of fiberglass and polyester surfaces

Preparing a polyester (gel coated) or fiberglass surface for a traditional wax treatment can be a time consuming and labor intensive job. For those who would like to spend (much) less time to obtain a glossy and protected surface, Marine Care introduces her Carecoat Recoseal 10. A coating that enables customers to achieve impressive gloss and color recovery with a minimal amount of time for preparation and application. Very convenient when you, for instance, have little time on hand, but still need to make your old and discolored life boat look as good as new again. Depending on the functional demands, customers can save up to 80% of their time by using Carecoat Recoseal 10.

Pre-treatment can be as simple as a good wash and degreasing of the surface when it is not too eroded. For strongly eroded surfaces and/or the demand for a spotless surface, a sand down to remove the chalked top layer is advised. However, if you really only want to restore color for essential visibility, Carecoat Recoseal 10 will still give an impressive result with just a pre-cleaning, as can be seen on the above picture.

Carecoat Recoseal 10 is a unique high solid, 2-component clear-transparent polymeric coating based on latest low molecular weight technologies for color restore, improved gloss, enhanced UV resistance and long-term protection of painted, coated, plastic, and (fiber reinforced) polymer  surfaces that are weather-beaten discolored, chalked and/or eroded.

Besides reconditioning of weathered surfaces, Carecoat Recoseal 10 can also be used as an initial treatment for new surfaces, prolonging the lifetime and extending maintenance/ cleaning intervals.

Interested in this innovation? Contact us (EU / US / ASIA) today or read more in the Product Data Sheet: PDS Carecoat Recoseal 10