New stock point in Skaw (Skagen) DK

This month Marine Care opened a new stock point in the town of Skaw, Denmark. The port of Skaw and its waters are especially popular for bulk carriers entering and leaving the Baltic Sea.
Currently the stock in Skaw is therefore aimed to serve bulk tankers that need hold cleaning products and equipment and consists out of:

  • Careclean Bulk HC-P (strong alkaline cleaner)
  • Careclean Bulk RR (strong acidic rust remover)
  • Careclean Bulk CR (strong acidic cement remover)
  • Carecoat Barrier (ready to use, temporary, hold coating)
  • Caretech HPC 500 (500 bar high pressure unit)
  • Caretech HPC 280 (280 bar high pressure unit)
  • Caretech Application Kit SU (air driven pump and lance for application of hold cleaning products)

Due to logistical limitations, cleaning products and Barrier can only be ordered per full pallet (4 drums) in Skaw. If you want to get your Marine Care products from Skaw, please contact the Marine Care operations team.

Photo in courtesy of SAGA Shipping A/S