Marine Care leaps forward with successor of Caretech Spectroscan UV-Vis

Spectro photography has been an accurate way of analyzing wall wash test samples in the marine industry for over a decade. To cover demands of her customers, Marine Care developed the Caretech Spectroscan UV-Vis, featuring reliable and self-correcting split beam technology for the highest accuracy in the market. This machine helped hundreds of customers save time with its pre-programmed wall wash test methods.

Today, Marine Care’s research and development has made a leap forward with the new Caretech Spectroscan UV-Vis SmartLog. The focus during development of the successor was on increased user-friendliness. That focus has resulted in a high resolution 7” touch screen and an intuitive smartphone-like software interface. When analyzing samples, the machine automatically displays the curves on top of each other, making it very simple for the crew to spot deviations. Once the analysis is complete, the crew can just export the data and curves they see on their screen and share it without further need for manipulation as high resolution *.JPG or as *.CSV file via email.

On top of the existing pre-programmed wall wash test methods, the new machine is prepared for analysis of wash water analysis. Since this topic has the increasing interest of the Marine Industry, Marine Care can update the new machines remotely in case of new test methods and/or reference curves. Especially when used to analyze prewash water, the unit can potentially earn back its investment already after a few cleanings. The new Caretech Spectroscan UV-Vis SmartLog is available from Rotterdam per direct, contact our operations team today to get your quote.

The Caretech Spectroscan UV-Vis SmartLog in a nutshell:

  • User-friendly, high resolution 7” touchscreen with intuitive interface
  • Automatic “Curve on Curve” display for easy analysis
  • Easy sharing, export & email analysis data as JPG or CSV without need for manipulation
  • Unique and reliable split beam with self-correction technology for repeatable accurate results

Download the product data sheet: PDS-Caretech Spectrophotometer UV-vis SmartLog
Dowload the commercial leaflet: Commercial Leaflet Caretech Spectrophotometer UV-vis SmartLog