Helping our customers make sense of wash water analysis

Wash Water Analysis, a topic that is still gaining more attention every day. Being involved in daily operations around tank cleaning and wall wash testing, the topic is of huge interest to Marine Care. Over the past year therefore, we have invested a lot of time in discussing this topic with cargo owners, technical departments of tanker operators and analytical experts. It offered us the opportunity to split assumptions and hear say from scientifically funded opinions and standards.

All of this has resulted in a white paper called “Making sense of wash water analysis” that is printed in the August issue of Tanker Operator:
Tanker operator Marine Care article aug 2019

For our customers in tanker shipping, we are organizing a series of seminars. During these events, we want to take this discussion a step further and really interact with our customers on the advantages and limitations of wash water analysis and how this can be correctly implemented in our industry.
The first event has taken place on Thursday the 5th of September in our Rotterdam office and proved to be a great success. Especially the hands on session, where customers could try the new Caretech Spectroscan UV-Vis Smartlog, helped a lot to understand how easy the benefits of wash water analysis an be achieved. As a bonus, this group was able to get a sneak preview of our latest research tool: the Marine Care Tank Wash Simulation System.
The second event took place in Singapore on the 18th of September and was joined by around 40 attendees who also learned how easy wash water can actually be monitored in some cases. Below an impression of both events.

The Rotterdam sesssion:


The Singapore session: