Marine Care introduces new high end cleaner for DPP to CPP and other heavy mineral oil applications: Careclean Eco-Solve

In our constant search to improve the cleaning processes onboard of our customers, we have recently made a breakthrough with a high-end cleaner that performs extremely well on heavy mineral oil (deposits).

Unlike other water and solvent based cleaners, Careclean Eco-Solve is not classified as dangerous good for transport nor is it marine pollutant. It penetrates and removes even dried out bitumen that would normally need to be removed mechanically.

The cleaning performance is not influenced by use with sea water. Specific components cause enhanced rinsibility which lead to reduction of rinse/slop volume. Last but not least the product can be used for hydrocarbon free cleaning.

All these properties combined, make it the perfect product for DPP to CPP cleaning in a fast and economic way. Careclean Eco-Solve is already in stock at major ports like Rotterdam, Houston and Singapore.

During this introduction period, Marine Care offers users of Careclean Eco-Solve free remote cleaning assistance. Contact us today to find out how we can improve the turnaround of your vessels.

Product data sheet: PDS Careclean Eco-Solve