Marine Care leaps forward with successor of Caretech Spectroscan UV-Vis

Spectro photography has been an accurate way of analyzing wall wash test samples in the marine industry for over a decade. To cover demands of her customers, Marine Care developed the Caretech Spectroscan UV-Vis, featuring reliable and self-correcting split beam technology for the highest accuracy in the market. This machine helped hundreds of customers save… Read more

New stock point in Skaw (Skagen) DK

This month Marine Care opened a new stock point in the town of Skaw, Denmark. The port of Skaw and its waters are especially popular for bulk carriers entering and leaving the Baltic Sea. Currently the stock in Skaw is therefore aimed to serve bulk tankers that need hold cleaning products and equipment and consists… Read more

Marine Care introduces new innovation for shorter cleaning of vegoil cargoes

In her continuous search for cleaning optimization of tanks and holds, Marine Care recently developed a brand new technology on request of customers struggling with Palm Fatty Acid Distillates (PFAD’s). Tanks contaminated with residues from PFAD type cargoes require a long cleaning protocol, mostly existing out of two separate cleaning phases. Unfortunately, it also frequently… Read more

Marine Care B.V. is on the move

Setting a new standard for sustainable chemicals handling and innovative solution we are relocating our head office to the new Marine Care Building in the Botlek, Rotterdam. Our new facilities include 2500m2 of storage facilities built beyond the current compliance regulations for storage of dangerous goods. The building is equipped with a state of the art… Read more